Workshop, Talking about Photographs,
Tehran, Iran, 2004
With young student at National Yunlin University of Science & Technology, Taiwan, 2000 - who thought she was meeting Santa Claus
With Susan Barrett while teaching for the University of Georgia Studies Abroad, Cortona IT 2014


"Studio Critiques,"
College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan, February 12, 2014.

"Teaching about The Lens of Impressionism,"
Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas, April 24, 2010.

"Appreciating the Work of Hubbard/Birchler: No Room to Answer," Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas, November 15, 2008.

"Appreciating the work of Joseph Havel,"
Dallas Contemporary Museum of Art, October 18, 2008.

"Reading Photographs,"
Wexner Center for the Arts, The Ohio State University, October 20, 2006.

"Art and Writing,"
Hope Arts High School and RISD, Providence, August 22, 2006.

"Studio Critiques,"
Art House, Cleveland, Ohio, February 16, 2006.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, September 25-26, 2006.

"Responding to Art,"
Cleveland Public Schools, Ohio, October 26, 2005.

"Photography Criticism,"
9th Annual Iranian Photography Biennial, Tehran, Iran, July 28-29, 2004.



"Interpreting Art,"
Terra Museum of American Art, Chicago, March 27, 2004.

"A Photography Critique,"
University of Memphis, Tennessee, February 16, 2002.

"Criticizing Art with Children: The Paintings of Jane Hammond,"
Cleveland School District, Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, Ohio, January 8, 2002.

"Reading, Writing, and Art,"
Talkeetna, Alaska, May 17-19, 2001.

"Critically Thinking about Art,"
Summer Media Institute, Ohio Arts Council, Ohio University, Athens, July 23-29, 2000.

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Minnesota State Department of Education, Golden Valley, January 21, 2000.

"Interpreting Art Interactively,"
with Susan Michael Barrett, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, October 11-13, 1999.

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"Teaching Art Criticism,"
Midwest Society for Photographic Education Conference, Detroit, November 5-6, 1993.


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